Advanced Audio Visual
ISF Certified THX Certified Professional Video Calibration

Lee Gallagher

Professional Video Calibrator


Calibration Services and Prices

Advanced Audio Visual provides ISF calibration services for all types of displays throughout the state of Arizona. In addition to calibrating your display to ISF standards, advanced services are performed that go beyond the basic principles of the ISF to truly get the maximum performance from your display device.

A one time, flat fee is charged for all services performed. This includes basic ISF calibration, as well as any applicable advanced services, for all available inputs/scan rates.

Service Includes

  • Adjustment of gray scale
  • Adjustment of all user controls for optimum performance
  • Focus adjustment (mechanical and electronic)
  • Convergence and geometry correction, including overscan minimization
  • Lens striping for CRT projection devices, when applicable
  • Anti-glare screen removal, when applicable
  • Optics cleaning
  • Gamma adjustments
  • Color decoder and color management system adjustments, when applicable.
  • Evaluate and adjust video processing settings to optimize scaling and de-interlacing.

Complimentary on-site services are also provided that include system evaluation, connectivity suggestions, and viewing environment recommendations.

Upon completion, a full color report is generated documenting pre and post calibration measurements. This serves as a customized "report card" for a specific, individual display. Additional documentation detailing the correct settings in the user menu is also provided for the customer's convenience.

All calibrators are not created equal. Don't leave your calibration in the hands of a "big box" retailer. With Advanced Audio Visual, you will receive a well trained, highly skilled calibrationist that will provide a more complete and accurate calibration, and in turn, a much better value, compared with your typical "firedog" or "geek squad" member.


Please contact me for detailed information regarding services and pricing for your
specific display type.