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I recently had my 65" Panasonic Vt25 calibrated by Lee Gallagher and the results are nothing short of spectacular. I thought the image out of the box was already great to begin with but after Lee's incredible calibration, I am truly impressed with the PQ this TV can get. Lee was right on time and began setting up all of his equipment right away. He explained everything he was doing through out the whole process which took about 3 hrs and it was very cool to see how everything improves before your eyes with some of the PQ tests Lee showed me. He calibrated the THX mode to perfection and he also calibrated my PS3 input, 3D Blu-Ray input, and a Pioneer 1020vsx Receiver. I like watching TV in complete darkness and before the calibration I could feel my eyes get a bit tiered when watching in complete darkness because of the amount of light the large screen was putting out. Even though the image was great (and Lee did tell me the PQ was pretty darn good out of the box), after the calibration is that much better. The image is so detailed real looking that you become immersed in movies and sports like the world cup look amazing as well. I only had the THX mode calibrated and that is all that is needed IMO. Games, sports, movies, and everything else looks just amazing using the calibrated THX mode. Even when there was a lot of light coming in the room the picture still looked amazing and it was calibrated for a blacked out room. I cannot express how impressed I am with Lee's work and knowledge on display calibration. He is a true professional and now I am having him come back to calibrate my older 42" G10 and help me with my surround sound. I 100% recommend Lee Gallagher to anyone in the state of AZ looking to get a panel or projector calibrated, and the Panasonic VT25 to anyone who is looking for an amazing plasma TV.

Ed Z.
Panasonic TC-P65VT25 plasma panel


I recently had my system calibrated by Lee Gallagher from Advanced Audio Visual and thought I would share my experience. I have been reluctant to have my system calibrated due to concerns about whether I would see the results and if they were worth the money. I can now say I am happy I had it done. Lee was professional and answered all of my questions and at the same time provided a brief lesson about how the settings are interrelated. I had tried some of the settings found on AVS Forum and was unhappy with the colors and ended up using the ‘Optimum’ just as a default. Lee was able to open up the ISF day/night modes and I am much happier with the results. I think the most surprising change was the sharpness of the image. Lee showed how bad the ‘Optimum’ mode was for all elements of the image. He went through and made all of the changes of everything from the orbital selection to the different noise reductions settings and I think that has made the biggest difference. He also took the time to balance all of the levels of my speakers from both the DVD and receiver.

I feel I am getting the most from my system now.

Todd N.
Pioneer PRO-151FD plasma


I just had my 65V10 calibrated by Lee Gallagher. All I need to say is the results are worth every penny. I thought the TV looked great after I tweaked the custom mode using a calibration disc, but after a professional calibration, the results are absolutely stunning. Lee was very professional and walked me through every step of the calibration. It was also a fun learning experience. It took about three hours for the entire process. He calibrated two of the HDMI inputs on my TV for both day and night, THX mode and Custom mode respectively. I use a Pioneer SC-25 to feed the two HDMI TV inputs (the AVR has two HDMI outs) and this unit handles the selected input and output. When he was finished with the calibration he played a Blu-Ray and pointed out how to evaluate the performance of the TV. It is awesome. I highly recommend a professional calibration with the V10, you will not be disappointed.

Rick D.
Panasonic TC-P65V10 plasma


I finally found the time to have my 6 month old Samsung 50A550 calibrated. I e-mailed Lee and we set the date for the calibration for Friday, January 2 at 5 PM. I was excited to say the least. I have read a lot of posts on various internet forums about the benefits of calibration.

January 2nd rolls around and Lee shows up a few minutes early. He introduces himself (very nice guy) and he asks me about how long I have had the display and if I have tweaked it on my own. I told him about how I looked on AVS to see what others with my TV had done for their setting but that was about it. I told him that my Blu-ray player (Panasonic 30K) was running through my Yamaha RX-V663 (great entry level A/V receiver that has all of the latest advanced codec’s Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA) both via HDMI. I told him that I had read that the 663 crushes blacks but I was not sure.

After the initial interview Lee got right to work by unpacking all of his equipment and setting it up. His equipment consisted of a Gretagmacbeth Eye-One Beamer spectroradiometer (used to analyze the light output and color accuracy of the display), Sencore VideoPro 403C HD test pattern generator (used to generate test patterns that range from grey scale, to resolution to color patterns. The last piece is a laptop that is hooked up to the spectroradiometer and CalMAN color analyzer software was utilized.

The first thing that Lee checked was to see if the 663 was in fact crushing blacks. Lee hooked up the test pattern generator through the Yamaha HDMI port that I use for Blu-ray. We quickly found out that the 663 does not in fact crush blacks as I had read on other internet forms. I was relieved by this because I was worried that my display would be perfect but the Yamaha would keep me from seeing a perfect image.

Lee then did an initial analysis of my TV to see where it is was at and use it as a base line. Everything (Brightness, contrast, grey scale, black and white levels, gamma, color accuracy and intensity) was off on my TV, not by a lot, but it was still off. Lee went through each setting showing me what is considered reference and where my TV was. Again, everything was off.

Once he had a baseline to work off, Lee knew where to start tweaking to dial in the image. Each step of the process Lee would tell me what he was doing and showing me the results in real time on his laptop. I learned a lot and Lee was great about answering any questions I had regarding my home theater. My TV is very calibration friendly; basically every control that a calibrator needs is accessible without going into the service menu. The most eye opening test pattern was the resolution one that showed if your display could show a full 1920 X 1080 image. When using Just Scan (giving a full 1:1 pixel resolution with 0% overscan) my TV passed with flying colors BUT when using 16:9 (this zooms the image ever so slightly and introduces some overscan) the loss of fine detail was staggering. I was shocked and the proof is right their in front of your eyes. If you have a display with 1:1 pixel resolution, use it!

Lee spent close to three hours dialing everything in and when he was all done it was time to watch some actual HD content to see the end results. Having just watched Kill Bill Volume 1 on Blu-ray (many consider it to be reference quality), I wanted to see how it looked now. From the opening scenes it was obvious to my eyes that the color looked better and the depth of the image (the 3D look and feel) looked a lot better. The final scene of the movie with the fight scene between Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu was phenomenal with snow falling had a great depth and feel to it. For me that is the greatest change in image quality was the 3D look of HD content.

After we viewed some HD content, Lee then looked at my antenna/QAM input. All of the settings for the antenna input are independent of the other inputs and so all of the setting had to be updated with the calibrated ones. Lee is very concise by giving you a total calibration. He just doesn't calibrate your display and leave. He looks at all of your components and makes sure that they are not compromising your calibrated display. I was very impressed by Lee and him taking the time to talk about everything that he was doing as well as other random questions I had about video and displays in general. Total calibration time was close to four hours. I would not hesitate to recommend Lee and his services. If you want the very best that your display has to offer then you need to get it calibrated!

Joshua C.
Samsung PN50A550 plasma


From the start, I was impressed with how prompt Lee was in getting me set up for an appointment right away. I can't believe the picture quality I was missing out on before I had the calibration done on my 71" Samsung DLP. Absolutely worth every penny for the calibration!! I will recommend Lee to all my friends!!

Jud H.
Samsung HL-S7178W DLP


Hi Lee,

Just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful job you did on calibrating my display last night. The picture quality is absolutely phenomenal! Your professionalism and technical skills are top notch. Rest assured,
that I will recommend you to all of my friends, neighbors and associates.

Michael L.
Pioneer Elite PRO-1540HD


The wife and I were going to get rid of this set and get something better. Now we're thinking of hanging on to it. The calibration Lee did made all the difference in the world!

Mark H.
Sansui HDPDP5000


I have a RP CRT Mitsubishi 55" Medallion that's about three years old. I recently had Lee Gallagher come out and calibrate my TV. All I can say about the results are WOW! My image has never looked better and that includes the day it came out of the box. I mean this thing really pops now. Essentially, he adjusted gray scale, converged all scan rates, cleaned the optics, adjusted colors and color temperature, etc. Basically calibrated everything there is to calibrate. It's done by computer programs and not just the human eye, but the eye certainly registers the results. I couldn't be happier. I was made aware of this service by a co-worker that had it done to his brand new plasma and he was blown away with the results, as was I.

Bill O.
Mitsubishi WS-55411


Hey Lee,

Fantastic job calibrating my Mitsubishi 65" DLP. After your tune-up, I now know what quality video is supposed to look like. This was readily apparent while watching the Super Bowl in all its High Definition glory. Colors were vivid, and most important, correct in hue and saturation. Black level and contrast set to see every intimate detail from that soggy Sunday. What I learned from you about video in one hour would take me months to learn reading several Internet forums. Not only did I get an expert calibration, but years of experience that no amount of money can buy!

Thanks for your candor and professional service.

Jim Mc Connell
Mitsubishi WD-65831 DLP


Wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job on my TV. I was really worried I would not see a difference, but to be honest with you, it is even better than I had thought it would be. It is like a whole new TV. I couldn't be any happier with the job and your service and dedication to getting it dialed in correctly.

I guarantee you will be seeing me again not only for the follow-up's, but also for every TV I buy as well as my family and friends buy. Your work is top notch!

Thank you again. You turned a TV I was seriously thinking of getting rid of into one that I will have a for a long while to come.

I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!

Mike Vergetis
Mitsubishi WS-48413 RP CRT


I have a Panasonic plasma (TC-P65V10) and Lee did a wonderful calibration job on this TV.
When we received and installed the TV, my wife and I spent about two hours watching some HD programs using CNET settings. My wife and I were not impressed by the picture quality. I let the TV age for about 180 hours using a set of break-in slides that I downloaded from a forum.

After using the TV for 180 hours, I asked Lee to calibrate the TV (BTW I live in Tucson, AZ and Lee had to come from Phoenix). He came to our house at 10:00AM and started to calibrate the grayscale. He tried many different combinations and eventually found the best possible setting. Then he moved on to calibrate the video sources.

While Lee was calibrating the TV, my wife was out of town on a business trip. When she returned and found out that Lee calibrated the TV, she asked about the picture quality and I told her to try it for herself.

She was truly IMPRESSED by what she saw. She could not believe that a professional calibration would have changed the picture quality to this level. To both of us the difference was night and day.

Lee, we can never thank you enough for the fantastic job you did. You left us no choice but to love our new TV.

Sharok H.
Panasonic TC-P65V10 plasma